Welcome to my space! I am inviting you to a healthy living space where you can come to explore and find ideas and options to consider for living a well balanced life!

This blog was launched on 4/20. I know this may seem like an odd day to launch a blog, a day known for being a PARTY and how HIGH can we get, but for me and for many of us, we look at this day in honor and give back. In honor of all of those that have walked before us working to create change in this nation, and for all of those that continue to fight! We’re on a journey to free a plant that holds the ability to help restore the body, and help people from struggling with sickness and disease.

Carrie at age 32 as a slave to Big Pharma before a healthy lifestyle using nutrition, cannabis, yoga and mindfulness.

My name is Carrie Hudson and I am a 2 time cancer THRIVER of 15 years! I found my way here by being out of options, sick and dying.

Facing cancer for the second time, at age 37, and NOT wanting to face chemo and radiation AGAIN…I got all radical! One night at about 3 am, I awoke with two words running through my mind: “cancer” and “marijuana.” At first I was really annoyed and I tried to go back to sleep. I thought, “Oh, for God sakes! I don’t need to be told my early use of marijuana in my 20’s had caused my cancer at 31!”, and I cried, “Let me sleep!!!!” Yet the urge kept persisting to get up and go type those two words into the search engine on my laptop. Finally, I just got out of bed and DID IT!

I worked in online marketing at the time, so searching and knowing my way around the the web was nothing new to me, but putting these two words together was! While sitting in our suburban ranch style home and the only light on in the house was my laptop, my jaw hit floor as I got about four pages into the search. I was reading articles about pH and cancer, and how cancer couldn’t grow in an alkaline environment. I was reading articles and watching videos of scientists and doctors talking about how cannabis was helping people survive cancer and lots of other major diseases happening in our society like PTSD, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease and Asthma to name a few. I started learning about about the fact we have an Endocannabinoid system with receptors and that the Cannabinoids in this plant restore those receptors and therefore restore overall homeostatis, or BALANCE to the body! It felt like a long shot to me, but I was a desperate woman and it required desperate measures! I was running out of time and I knew it. I had lived sick my entire adult life (22 years to be exact). I was listening to, and believing Western healthcare and my doctors. My mind and body were a mess, and therefore so was my life!

After stepping away from all Big Pharma medications, I literally have rebuilt my body using Cannabis, Nutrition and Yoga, along with some serious lifestyle changes. It’s been seven years since I faced that ugly monster called cancer for a second time. I am now 46 years old and living in the best health of my life!

Carrie at age 41 living a healthy lifestyle and sporting only 8% body fat through proper nutrition, an alkaline diet, cannabis and exercise.

There are 3 main things leading to the health crisis that we are facing in this nation today: a lack of nutrition in our food, a lack of movement and exercise, and stress. These three things are the major culprits. My goal with this blog is to give you information and tools to consider, in order to make your own healthy choices.

There are also a lot of other factors to consider that contribute to making up our overall well being. Some of those factors are: our health, physical activity, nutrition, home environment, relationships, social life, our joy, spirituality, creativity, finances, career, and finally, education. That’s a lot to consider, right? We’ll get into all of these areas individually and I hope to offer to you the tools and guidance to help find your balance and synergy in life in order to LIVE your fullest life yet!

My journey and path will look much different than yours or even that of your friend or neighbor. I encourage you to create your own team of doctors and healthcare providers, and to seek out a team that works for you! NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BODY OR WILL CARE FOR YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU! I was misdiagnosed for well over three years, and I ended up finding my own cancer! LISTEN to your body, it’s talking to you, don’t take “no” for answer!

It’s funny; rarely do we realize what a gift our health truly is until we lived compromised and sick, and then see how that effects every other aspect of our lives, including our ability to have healthy relationships. Only then do we tend to realize what a gift our health is and how without it, we truly have nothing!

We’ll get into this story in much greater detail at a later time. For now, thank you for showing up and WELCOME to my space….

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