CEO and Founder of Carrie Hudson Media, LLC. Carrie is a Whole Health and Wellness Coach providing consultation and resources for all aspects of a healthy, WHOLE lifestyle. Carrie is a cancer survivor of 14 years and supports the belief that disease can be manged and even cured with a proper pH balance, correct nutrition, movement, spirituality, including Medical Cannabis and other natural herbs. She is a speaker, blogger, consultant, health coach, educator as well as an advocate for legalization for medical cannabis in her home state of MO and beyond.

From Carrie: “Cancer doesn’t define me! 14 years later and age 45 I am in in the best shape of my life. I love sharing the core practices that I use everyday to bring balance, peace and solitude to my mind body and spirit. With the right tools, support and guidance YOU too can achieve your own balance in life and transform your health!

I have walked in your shoes.. Overweight, sick, dying and overwhelmed with what the future held. I have overcome the odds, if I can do it I KNOW you can do it!

Some of my darkest moments and fearful uncertainties have lead to my greatest moments of clarity, confidence, health, inner peace and creativity!

It’s not always easy, and it takes time, discipline, practice and baby steps, but YOU CAN get there. I am here to be your guide.
Don’t be afraid, don’t live in fear of what tomorrow holds. Reach out to me and take hold of your health, of your mind and body and know you’re in control of your future!”